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We supply  Montego Herbal Tea at WHOLESALE PRICE to retailers, distributors, tea and cosmetic companies.

Bulk / Loose Rooibos or Honeybush:wholesale loose rooibos honeybush
Loose Rooibos, Green Rooibos or Honeybush tea is available in 18Kg or 20 Kg bags respectfully for bulk orders.

Use the form below to place an order. Please supply full shipping address to enable us to calculate the shipping charges for your confirmation.
NOTE:  Bulk/loose tea orders will be shipped from LA, USA. If shipping to Canada, brokerage fees may apply if you do not clear the shipment at customs yourself. (No duties or taxes are applicable)

Bulk / Loose tea order form

Description QTY. Unit Price.
Superior Grade Rooibos (20Kg): US$243.00
Organic Superior Grade Rooibos (20Kg): US$293.00
Classic  Rooibos (18Kg): US$235.00
Fine cut Rooibos (18Kg): US$230.00
Green Rooibos (20Kg): US$260.00
Organic Green Rooibos (20Kg): US$310.00
Honeybush (16.5Kg): US$212.00
Organic Honeybush (16.5Kg): US$250.00

Order will be shipped from the USA and prices exclude shipping.

NOTE: There is a Minimum order quantity of 2 otherwise there will   
be an administration cost of $60

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Once shipping costs have been established, we will be in contact
for approval and confirmation of the order. (2 business days)


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