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General tips and hints with Rooibos

Like a good wine Rooibos gets better with age. Leftover Rooibos can always be stored in the fridge without clouding and re-used at a later stage.

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Rooibos Tea can substitute milk or water in a recipe. Make a delicious milk tart by heating the milk and Rooibos Tea together.
Use Rooibos Tea as a meat tenderizer or as a base for meat and chicken marinades.
Dilute powder or frozen cold drink concentrates with cold Rooibos Tea.
Rooibos Tea is very economical as the leaves or bags can be used more than once.

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Place cold Rooibos Teabags over tired or red eyes.
Bathe your face in cold Rooibos Tea or apply it with cotton wool if somebody suffers from a skin rash, eczema or nappy rash. Rooibos Tea also serves as an inexpensive skin freshener.
If you suffer from bad indigestion, drink a cup of Rooibos Tea first thing in the morning. Even good for a hangover.
Pot plants flourish on cold Rooibos Tea or tea leaves.
Rooibos Tea can be used to dye material. The strength of the tea and the soaking time will influence the colour.
Dark hair can be rinsed with Rooibos Tea to give it a nice shine.

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