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Try our Sample Pack

We have packaged one pouch of each of our different teas for you to sample. Giving only one or two tea bags of each does not give you the opportunity to try different flavors or types at different times, nor does it give your the chance to serve it to friends and family.

Couple sampling Rooibos TeaVisit the Recipe Page for preparation instructions and some ideas on making an various Iced Tea's and Fruit Punches.

Brewed Rooibos tea can also be used in cooking and baking by supplementing the brewed tea in place of water.

View the Useful Tips page to find out various uses for Rooibos Tea besides the traditional relaxing hot cup of  Rooibos tea.

Here is your chance...............purchase our Sample Pack and receive one pouch (20 tea bags) of each of our products. (6 pouches in total, 120 tea bags)
You won't regret it.....Read what others are saying about ROOIBOS TEA.

Organic Rooibos Herbal Tearooibos tea bags

SAMPLE PACK (6 pouches totaling 120 tea bags)
1 x 50g Pouch Organic Montego Rooibos Herbal Tea
1 x 50g Pouch Organic Montego GREEN Rooibos
1 x 50g Pouch Organic Montego Honeybush Herbal Tea
1 x 50g Pouch Organic Montego Rooibos Lemon
1 x 50g Pouch Organic Montego Rooibos Vanilla
1 x 50g Pouch Organic Montego Rooibos Earl Grey 
Price: US $15.00


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What others are saying about Rooibos
Honeybush Tea
Anti-Oxidant, Free Radials and Flavanoids
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