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What others are saying about Rooibos Tea

"It is Phenomenal!!! I have IBS with Constipation and has helped calm the abdominal discomfort and helped with the constipation. My 6 year old son loves it and drinks it often throughout the day. In fact it is our drink of choice besides water in our home. We just discovered this 2 weeks ago and are telling everyone we know to try it. We would like to try the flavored teas but have not yet." Nancy

“I have been a tea drinker for over 20 years and this is the most delicious tea I have tasted.” Anita, Lawrenceville, USA

“I love it!” Harley, Santa Ana, CA, USA

“It helps me sleep better.” Cynthia, USA

“A friend introduced me to Rooibos years ago, and I love it!  It's been hard to find in the US. for a long time, so I'm glad finally to find a web source.” Lara, Hillsborough, NC, USA

“I love this tea. It is very clean and crisp tasting, and it is good for what ails me.” Jill, USA

“Have been drinking it for over 25 years. Don't know if it has done anything for me, just like its flavor, enjoy it hot or iced.” David, Nampa, Idaho, USA

“I have given up caffeine and have discovered Rooibos tea.  YUM!” Joanne, Grove Surrey BC.

“I love it - it's the best tea around!” Tracy, California, USA

“I drink five to six cups a day.  Great stuff!!!” Christine, Grayslake, IL , USA

“The tea has the best flavor!! I have been recommending it to everyone!”  Rosanna, Washington  USA

“I just love how it tastes. I am taking a lot of medicine that constipates me and this tea has been very beneficial.”  Connie, Ontario, Canada

“Love the flavor.  I had heart palpitations and they've stopped since drinking the tea.  I drink two cups daily.”  Cynthia, New York USA

“Love it, good for digestion.”  David, Idaho, USA

“Has help with my allergies, I can breath much better.  Has help me relax and I am able to sleep easier.  And overall, I feel healthier and better with less aches and pain.”  Gary, CA, USA

“I think Rooibos Tea is just great. Not only does it have a smooth pleasant flavor, but it is also healthy for you. I love drinking tea, but I'm supposed to drink lots of water. This way I can do both. It's so pleasant that I don't find it necessary to put either a sweetener or
milk in it. It has so much versatility. I intend to keep drinking it, a lot, and I'm also going to tell everyone about it.”  Bonnie, Ontario, Canada

“Rooibos is my favorite tea.  I never used to drink tea at all, and Rooibos has turned me around.  I recommend it to all my friends.”  Melissa, Vancouver BC, Canada

“It has a pleasant taste and relaxing effect.” Brian, USA

“Rooibos tea has been very beneficial to me. I had bleeding gums when I flossed. My dentist has told me that my gums look healthier and they no longer bleed. I drink it all day long and I feel so much healthier. This is the first time that I have actually enjoyed tea with out sugar because it has a natural sweetness to it. I am also hypoglycemic. My over all well being has changed. My skin looks better. I feel more relaxed and my menstrual cycle is not half as painful as it used to be. I have only been drinking it for two months and I truly feel that rooibos tea should be a must in every household. It is flu season here in Arizona and many people around me have been touched by a cold or flu. I feel great (knock on wood!) I just wish that I had discovered it about 10 years ago and not two months ago. Thank you for making this gift available to everyone!” Alison, USA

“I just like the flavor. A friend had it in Sweden and now I want more.” Mark, Idaho, USA

“I love it with honey” Mike, USA

“Good for regularity” Maria, New York, USA

“Drink it before bed time and sleep through the night.  A friend has lopus and after drinking it for three days, the swelling in her feet went down dramatically.  Here doctor is amazed and is looking at rooibos for other lopus patients.” Sandro, MI, USA

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What others are saying about Rooibos
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