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Montego Rooibos Herbal tea is Naturally Caffeine free and Low in Tannin
High doses of caffeine, a powerful stimulant of the human central nervous system and the cardio-vascular system, can cause loss of sleep, anxiety, tremors and abnormally rapid heart-action.
Caffeine has no nutritional value and therefore coffee, tea or cola beverages cannot replace nutritional food or drinks.
Although caffeine does not cause stomach ulcers it can aggravate existing ulcers, since more gastric juices are secreted after the ingestion of caffeine.
Pregnant women metabolize caffeine slower than other adults. The caffeine enters the bloodstream of the unborn baby quickening its heartbeat and possibly also impairing its development.
Caffeine causes high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats in sensitive individuals. It is important therefore that people suffering from heart conditions discuss their caffeine intake with their doctors.
There is also a possible link in some cases between the excessive intake of caffeine and cancer of the ovaries, bladder, large intestine and pancreas.
Caffeine occurs in the seeds of the coffee plant (1 to 2%), the cola plant (1 to 3 %) and in tea leaves (2 to 4%).   Montego Rooibos Tea is made from the Aspalathus Linearis (Rooibos) plant which is Naturally Caffeine-Free.
Tannin (Tannic Acid)
Montego Rooibos tea is low in tannin, a substance that adversely affects the body's metabolism by decreasing the absorption of iron and protein.
Tannin can also decrease food intake, growth rate, food efficiency, and protein digestibility. Foods rich in tannins are considered to be of low nutritional value.
The limited tannin in Montego Rooibos Tea also translates to a sweet taste, unlike conventional teas that are bitter mainly because of tannin content.

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